Vesta Engineering, thanks to the historical experience in the industrial automation sector talks to all the manufacturing firms which cannot satisfy at least one of the following conditions: the capability of analysing the need of plants’ revamping, designing best technical solutions, knowing the several modes of using components for automation, organizing the activities needed for the integration of components and the suppliers, managing and selecting the financial securities measures for Industry 4.0 projects.

The integration of technical and managerial services is the great strength of our offer that may include also the realization of mechanical and/or software parts. Our capabilities are also reinforced by the support of our technological partners.

Analysis and feasibility study of the investment on assets and Industry 4.0 technologies

Analysis of fiscal and financial instruments for automation projects

Analysis and re-design of databases and ERP systems to handle big data

Strengthening of the industrial interconnection according to IIoT through SCADA systems

Vesta Engineering is the ideal partner both for the studies and the development of technical solutions (hardware and/or software) but  also for support your decisional process in order to identify the right investments through:

Economical evaluation of the return on investment

Business Plan Redaction to obtain funding from credit institutes

Managerial analysis and consulting

The projection towards Industry 4.0 will allow to your company to knock down its limits and to your staff to develop the skills which are essential to be competitive in the new scenario. A great combination of traditional and innovative skills.

The several advantages are involved with different aspects of your company:

  • Enrichment of the product range
  • Greater flexibility
  • New markets and clients
  • Higher interaction with suppliers, distributors and clients
  • Greater planning of the plant’s service
  • Support in the industrial automation processs
  • Lower time to market
  • Higher productivity of internal process and a new business model

All the conditions that are needed to be competitive and to grant a fast return on investment. We offer you our professional consultancy.