MiR: self-laser guided vehicles

The collaborative robot MiR


MiR, collaborative robots, are self- laser guided vehicles (AGVs) that are ideal for automating internal transport, optimizing workflows, and increasing productivity by reducing handling costs. These latest generation of robots are used in many industries and provide extreme benefits in industrial and logistic applications, both in civil and hotel / hospital areas. They can be used to transport drugs, food, books, lingerie. It allows to increase the service value for customers and in this way the technical staff can dedicate itself to more important operations. An extremely user-friendly mobile robot useful for automation tasks in internal transport and logistics processes.


Two models, two different load capacities:


MiR100: payload up to 100Kg and towing capacity up to 300Kg.

MiR200: payload up to 200Kg and towing capacity up to 500Kg.




To extend its functionality:


  • Robotic automatic hook controlled by a vision system to recognize trolleys for tipping;
  • operator dialogue option, a work station staff may require MiR to report the pick-up of material from the central warehouse and vice versa;
  • superior camera fails to convey the information to MiR to avoid obstacles that might be affected by the load at a height higher than the robot;
  • Charging station to which the robot will automatically connect once a battery alarm level has been identified;
  • Fleet Control allows you to manage more than one device on the same route, avoiding crosses and optimizing routes to balance the workload;
  • By Bluetooth, you can connect to a remote Relais output base, allowing you to request ports or lift lifts.



The main advantages:   


  • Easy programming: a simple user software is designed so that anyone can program the robot. In fact, programming can take place through a common smartphone or tablet without installing additional software. The robot is able to make an easy automated mapping of the territory and does not require lines or markers to identify paths.
  • Investment Recovery: The MiR is part of a new generation of mobile robots that, thanks to its simplicity, guarantees a very fast ROI, often under 1 year.
  • Robust and secure robots: two laser scanners, ultrasonic sensors, 3D cameras. These make MiR able to work collaboratively. In fact, they detect and hunt down obstacles and people on their own.



Find out more about MiR technology: http://www.alumotion.eu/marchi/mir/