IGNITION by Inductive Automation.

The intelligent platform for the integration between IT and production

Ignition 8

Ignition 8 is the revolutionary software platform of Inductive Automation, distributed in Italy by EFA Automazione.

Much more than just a SCADA

The platform is successfully used in tens of thousands of applications implemented in over 100 countries and brings together the SCADA-HMI-MES functionalities.

Industry 4.0: never so simple

Ignition simplifies the connection and communication with all systems and devices, to allow the creation of Industry 4.0 applications in any area, minimizing the impact of the implementation on the assets already existing in the organization, including, for example, the devices PLC (programmable logic controller), SCADA systems (supervisory control and data acquisition), and HMI (human-machine interface) interfaces.

Industrial control on your digital device

The new release of the software platform aims to manage industrial plants and processes directly through smartphones and tablets.It works with any HTML5 browser without requiring any plug-ins: it allows you to take advantage of GPS, camera, Bluetooth, adaptive screen orientation and much more, features that will allow developers and users to look at their applications in a new and creative way.

Success histories with Ignition

Also our subsidiary company Vesta Automation has chosen Ignition

The project
The implementation of a complex robotic island for interfacing and communicating data and the consequent increase in productivity led the Vesta group to entrust the control of the entire company to Ignition and so to the Inductive Automation software. Simplicity of use, versatility and reliability make Ignition the protagonist of factory automation according to Industry 4.0 directives and IIOT paradigms.