LBK 3D Safety Radar.

First certified volumetric radar security system

LBK System

Thanks to its characteristics, LBK System revolutionizes the state of the art for industrial safety, safeguarding operators and benefiting productivity.

The intelligent sensor

LBK-S01 is an FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) radar device which is based on a proprietary detection algorithm. The sensor transmits radio waves at 24 GHz and retrieves information by analyzing the reflection caused by the objects that the waves encounter.

The first and only SIL2 / PLd certified radar system in the world.

For industrial safety applications to protect operators.

Safe RESTART function.
LBK System is able to detect the presence of the operator inside the dangerous area and prevents accidental restart.

Effective even where optical systems fail

Optical devices often fail in the presence of dust, smoke, water or scraps generated by the production process.

Inxpect has developed a sophisticated firmware, which using the 24 GHz frequency spectrum is able to filter these disturbances by reducing false alarms and increasing productivity.

Maximum configuration flexibility

  • The system consists of a controller to which up to 6 LBK-S01 sensors can be connected, even if not aligned.
  • The software supplied with the system allows multiple configurations: automatic assisted for areas of regular shape and manual for monitoring more areas. complex.
  • Programmable muting: allows the creation of different intervention areas to allow operator access according to the production logic in safe conditions.

Competitive features and advantages

  • Quick system configuration
  • Customizable sensor detection range
  • 3D configurator of the security area
  • Maximum depth of the area that can be monitored: 4 m
  • System response time: less than 100ms