Schunk Co-act gripper EGH.

Always the right Choice for your Cobot Application

CO-act gripper EGH

Electric gripper, with fully adjustable long stroke and flexible gripping fingers that guarantees maximum adaptability in handling applications.

Technical Data  

Gripping force: 100 N 

Total stroke: 80 mm

Weight: 0,95 kg

Workpiece weight: 3 kg

Dimensions: L x W x H: 114 x 86,5 x 133 mm

The easily adjustable, flexible Gripper for Cobots

Easy and quick assembly

The design of the SCHUNK Co-act gripper EGH enables the gripper to be attached to the robot quickly and easily.

First the included adapter plate is attached to the robot flange using the supplied fastening material. Subsequently, due to the assembly quick-release fastener, the gripper can be attached easily to the adapter plate with the enclosed hexagon socket wrench.

Finally, you just need to establish the electric connection.

Long, freely programmable stroke with parallel finger movement

The long stroke of the SCHUNK Co-act gripper EGH can cater for a very wide range of workpieces.

The gripper fingers are particularly suited for positioning over the entire stroke. The robust parallel movement of the fingers ensures constant gripping force at a position over the entire stroke.

Height compensation for the robot is not required.

Flexible fingers for maximum variability

The SCHUNK Co-act gripper EGH can be equipped with flexible fingers.

These are also included in the starter kit. With two adjustable finger joints, the gripping width is easy to adjust according to individual requirements.

This expands the gripper’s range of application, and exchanging fingers or the entire gripper is no longer necessary.

Maximum application flexibility

Due to its long and variable stroke, the electric SCHUNK Co-act gripper EGH is a great way to easily implement automation with a cobot. It is particularly suited to the handling, assembly and electronics industries; gripping small to medium-sized workpieces. Installing and controlling the gripper is extremely simple.

Features and competitive advantages 

  • Long and freely programmable stroke 
  • Gripping movement with parallel kinematics for constant gripping force over the entire stroke 
  • Integrated status display 
  • Flexible fingers for direct attachment
  • Plug & Work for Cobots