solutions integrator with an important partner: UNIVERSAL ROBOT



This German coveted award was given to honour innovative industrial solutions which are able to combine economic and technological advantages with social and environmental benefits. It was awarded the Universal Robot + capacity to help small and medium-sized enterprises to launch the automation in a simple and intuitive way by encouraging their entry into the Industry 4.0.

Universal Robot is proving to be the right partner to operate in the best way as the integrator for the automation of your companies.

Every industry has its own needs and requires bespoke technological solutions. UR+ is a platform of technologies directly compatible and certificated from Universal Robots, that enhances and adapts the robot to the several possible customers requirements. A Plug & Play logic that creates value and which has enabled the company to win the prestigious award.



UR offers solutions for the automation of companies of different sizes and from different sectors. Independently from these characteristics companies can enjoy the same benefits :

Easy programming: thanks to intuitive 3D visualization and their ability of self-learning, you only need to move the UR’s arms according to the waypoints you want and it will repeat the movements;

Quick setting according to the logic “out of the box”;

Flexibility in new uses: the UR aren’t part of specialized robotics. The possibility to be moved and to be adapted to different activities differentiate these robots from the others;

Collaborative Robot: the 80% of the thousands of UR robots worldwide operates next to the staff without security guards;

Faster payback in robotics, with a return on investment period of 195 days.

With these benefits the collaborative robot is no longer just a robot but a partner for your company. It will allow us to design the best solution for you and your company to improve performance and reduce costs. Learn more about the Universal Robot while we’ll deal with the development of the most suitable solution: