The importance of the new technology: the smiling curve

The possibility to reduce the labour intensity in your company allows you to increase the productivity and at the same time it transforms the simple factory’s workers in skilled experts. This can be achieved by the automation process of your business based on new technologies.

The abilities to develop capabilities and to make possible the sharing of information among workers are increasingly important in a global and IT technologies based marketplace. The information become the capital to exploit in the best possible way to create value.

The ability of a company and its workers to process the information (about the market, the product, the production and the work environment) positively influences the competitiveness and the ability to innovate. On the basis of what is the smiling curve of Stan Shish while in the past the highest value-added activity was identified in the productive activity (because of the importance of the mass production) today is no longer the case. The highest value is offered by two activities: customer service and R&D/technologies.

The IT-OT integration

For these reasons the ability to take advantage of the information technologies (IT) and operational technologies (OT) is essential to create value and be competitive in an increasingly competitive market. The competitiveness of a company depends on its ability to exploit its capabilities and investments. To develop these capabilities each company needs to have adequate technologies to carry out collection, processing and sharing information activities.

The integration of IT and OT allows a greater capacity of monitoring and sharing information inside and outside the factory, in order to constantly improve the productivity, the quality, the plant availability and also to cut costs.

Just an evolution towards a proactive behaviour will create a greater value for the company and for its customers.