Work: Robots will support man

“Talented people are the most valuable resource in any organization, especially in the new era of 4.0 “

In this century we need to face a new reality that is called the fourth industrial revolution, it is a disruptive force. People are scared by the possibility that machines can replace them in their work. But even if the artificial intelligence is developing, there are many human aspects that a machine cannot replace.

According to Tom Cheesewright  “anyway while some machines will replace directly people, many others will support them. The machines will improve the productivity of the company and it is increasingly clear that workers with a bionic support will show three abilities that machines cannot replace: the ability of treating, creating and communicating. ”

People who use knowledge, skills and intellect in their work will be privileged in this new reality, while tasks which are related purely to handedness, that are repetitive and alienating will disappear.

There are many and varied research about the developments of future jobs and tasks, but the whole argument is still covered by a veil of uncertainty. What we are sure now is the importance of the soft skills for workers in a industry 4.0’ perspective. These are transversal competences such as: team work, leadership, managerial capacity, flexibility, critical thinking, problem solving.

The evolution of the work and its conditions.

To enjoy the potential benefits of the fourth industrial Revolution what you need is an organizational culture, flexibility and a widespread education regarding 4.0. You need a direct involvement of individual workers, who often feel excluded and overwhelmed by this digital and robotic reality. If well exploited the latter represents a source of important opportunities for workers.

If we ask ourselves how the work will change, we can say that this will involve the best physical and ergonomic conditions and it will require also a greater intellectual engagement than the manual one. The individual worker is directly involved in the improvement of business processes according to a pro active and not passive behaviour.

Technologies designed to assist and support people.