Ignition: more then a simple SCADA software

The data are not just important, they are everything. Today the data collection is a routine activity but collecting them is not enough, what is important is to visualize and analyze them in an effective and immediate way.

What we want to propose you is a brief follow-up about the software SCADA that can provide to your business a better internal control.

The basic: what a SCADA software can do

The SCADA system is a control system used on the industrial process to monitor, collect and  draw up the data about machineries and plants. The collection of data takes place through Remote Terminal Units and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that absorb the data thanks to sensors placed on machineries or through manual data entry when the activity is only partially automated and requires human intervention.

These systems can collect information from each machinery independently from their location and physical distance so it’s possible to grant the completeness and timeliness of the collection activity allowing the possibility to implement instantaneous corrections and improvement.

5 reasons that make Ignition more than a simple SCADA software

The latest innovations and new technologies give us the possibility to offer you more than a simple SCADA.

Its name is IGNITION, it’s a software cross-platform based on the latest modern technologies IT. It can operates with every operating system and this characteristic allows to launch SCADA on each device provided with browser web: unlimited clients, connections, pages and projects with an unique license, cutting costs. IGNITION adopts a modular architecture that can grow with firm’s needs.

1.Projecting the function of Ignition according to your needs

SCADA generally requires the adaptation of the programming language used by the systems with which it interfaces. Ignition has a totally different way of work, infact thanks to its several function it can adapt to very different business requests. In this way you can maintain your uniqueness that are your source of competitive advantage and we can satisfy your future needs.

2.Analysing data in an effective and transparent way

Ignition allows to connect with all the corporate system MES and ERP even if they are based on old technologies, exploiting in the best way your resources. In this way it’s possible for you to improve the control over quality, mobility, costs and productivity. A centralized control grants a great operative transparency and a complete view of the corporate reality, crossing instantaneously every type of data according to your needs and requests.

3.The costs are absolutely lower than a traditional SCADA

Differently from what happens normally with other systems, determine the cost of Ignition licenses is very simple. You need to buy a server license and this allows to you to use an unlimited number of clients and tags. All the connections that you want with a single license, an advantage that other SCADA cannot offer you.

4.The complete integration of system is granted

The modularity of Ignition grants to the user the possibility of integration with any other software that you will want or need in the future. Above all, the module OPA-UA, included in Ignition, is the first software that is completely cross-platform. It has been studied to reach the integration of the different components and their communication.

5.In the same pack you can also enjoy all the functions of MES and ERP.

Ignition is better than a simple SCADA because of its logic. It’s not only a new software that you have to add to the others that you already had, it’s a platform that integrate all the advantages of different SCADA, MES and ERP applications. In this way it’s possible to cross any type of data obtaining answers and interrogations in a slip second.